Champ du Golf- Stay real, Unleash your potential!

Champ du Golf is a luxury indoor golf club, the first one of its kind with TrackMan™ technology and that is accredited by the PGA (Professional Golf Association) within South-Eastern Europe.

Champ du Golf is a facility that focuses on improving performances as much as teaching this noble sport. Our aim is to make this club an elegant and professional golfing environment, ideal for both professionals and amateurs.

Each TrackMan™ simulator is equipped with a large screen (5mx3m), a 7m long Fairway and a choice of 86 real golf courses from around the world with a scale of 1:1.  Just like any golf courses, with our TrackMan™ Dual Radar simulator our players have many ways in which they can practice and improve their game:

  1. Shot analytics
  2. Practice sessions
  3. Scanning zone
  4. Driving range
  5. Chip & Put

The PGA certified Putting green area has a surface of 180m² encompassing 8 holes.

Social Areas:

  • Whiskey Lounge
  • Gin Club
  • Coffee Bar
  • Private Business Room
  • Reading Space
  • Gourmet Area

Other Services

  • Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Club Transport
  • Airport Transfer
  • Accommodation in Partnering Hotels

At our Golf Club, we seek to maintain high educational morals and the prestige of our members.

Champ du Golf is open all seasons, offering the opportune climate that remain unaffected by outside weather.