Club Internal Policies and Guidelines

Clients/ members

General rules

The Member/Access Card holders must pay fees when due. In case in which the deadline might be surpassed, the club financial department must be announced.

The Member/Access Card holders are required to present their cards whenever requested to do so by employees of the Club in performing their employment responsibilities.

Players must wear the right sport attire when intending to play in the golf area. No gym shorts or cut-offs.  No tank tops, spaghetti strap t-shirts, halter tops, muscle shirts or half shirts. Golf Shorts and Golf Shirts are considered acceptable attire.

Clients and guests wishing to change clothes (except for shoes) must do so in designated changing room and not in the Club parking lots, play area, bar, whiskey lounge etc.

Clients are not permitted to discipline, order, or instruct employees at any time, nor are they allowed to send Club employees out or away from Club premises or require employees to report to their employment positions for any purpose without prior approval of Club management. Any suggestions regarding actions of or the conduct of an employee shall be brought to the attention of Club management.

No member/client or guest shall give or offer any employee alcoholic beverages at any time. No member or guest may entertain a club employee at the Club at any time, except the managers, golf professional and owners. Members are not allowed to fraternize with employees.

Members should keep a decent and respectable behaviour and language with both other members and employees. Litter, deface property, tamper with fixtures, commit disorderly conduct, park or drive a vehicle in undesignated areas, use profanity or verbally abuse other individuals, play in the golf area without permission of the staff or without proper equipment, commit or be involved in acts involving verbal abuse, physical abuse and/or physical fighting. Members that do not abide by these rules will be dealt with accordingly and serious offenders are at risk of losing their membership. Any member breaking or damaging or removing from the Club premises any property of the Club (including table decorations) will be asked to pay the cost thereof, or to replace it.

Safety & Golf rules

Players are asked to make Tee time reservations for the simulators prior to arrival in which the time of arrival and departure must be mentioned. If the player did not make reservations, the Club has the liberty to refuse to offer this service. As a sign of respect for our employees and other players, please respect the time of departure mentioned.

Simulators can be used by a maximum of 4 players.

The maximum number of players permitted in the putting green area are 8.

Please note that certain activities are limited to certain players based on their handicap.

  • Putting green min -36 handicap
  • Chipping on the putting green area min -27
  • The solo use of Simulators is only permitted to players which have a set handicap (Green Card). The players that did not yet get a handicap must be accompanied by a professional player or an appropriate staff member.

While a player is concentrating on hitting the ball, we kindly request that you keep silence.

When playing on the simulators must only be one player on the green area at all time during the game. Players are also requested to assure themselves that there is no other person behind or around them while hitting the ball in order to avoid any accidents.

Please keep a secure distance form any kind of apparatus that could get damaged.

Golf clubs must only be used with intent to play, once the move was made, the players are requested to place the club back down and leave the green area when playing in groups.

Eating of any kind is not permitted in the golf area. Beverages are permitted, however not on any green areas.

To ensure our clients/members’ safety, we will not allow alcoholic beverages of any kind to be consumed by those who plan on driving, no matter the circumstance unless the driver will accept and alternative way of transportation that can be provided by the club.

When taking photographs, please make sure that there is no other person can be seen on the photo. If you want to take a picture including other people, you are obligated to ask permission of said person/s.

Golf clubs can be deposited in our specially designated area for a small fee. Golf clubs must not be left in any other location other than the one design especially for this reason.

Smoking inside the premises is only allowed with electronic cigarettes. Normal cigarettes, cigarillos or cigars can only be smoked in special smoking area.

Golf area is specially dedicated to playing golf. For socialising we invite you to our spaces designed to this exact purpose i.e. private business room, whiskey lounge, gin club, reading area, coffee bar, etc.

Pets are not permitted inside the club, however if the situation will present itself, please inform the staff which will care for the pet while the owner enjoys our services.

Access with any form of weapon is strictly forbidden.

If any of these rules will be broken repeatedly, casual players are at risk of excommunication. Members/Access card holders are at risk or losing their card for certain periods of time without refund up to a year, if the behaviour continues, they are also at risk of excommunication.

On behalf of the entire staff of Champ du Golf, we thank you for respecting and enforcing our rules.