Andrei Mihai and Dragos Badita
  • Started Golf at the age 9, taught by PGA player from Hawaii, Ronald Castillo at Lac de Verde Golf Club, Breaza
  • After the intensive program by Ronald, they followed a continuous self-training programme at the golf course in Breaza
  • Participated in all Romanian amateur level tournament. Also participated in international tournament at Light House, BlackSeaRama and Trachian Cliffs in Bulgaria getting in the top ten rankings in all.
  • Due to the many wins, the Badita Brothers moved up to non-amateur level as there is not an accredited Professional category in Romania. Since 2015, they have won all the tournaments in this category.
  • In march of 2017, Andrei Mihai participated in Messenia Pro Am tournament finishing 5th, this being the first even of this kind in which he participated.
  • Lac de Verde Golf Club, Champ du Golf, RGA and other passionate golf players, are working together to find solutions the Badita Brothers to enter the Pro category so they can participate in international golf championships.
  • Meanwhile you can find them at Champ du Golf, to introduce you to the beautiful world of this elegant sport – Golf!
Gabriel Toader
  • Started Golf at the age 20, taught by PGA player from Hawaii, Ronald Castillo at Lac de Verde Golf Club, Breaza
  • 17 years of experience in golf and teaching children, amateurs and other professional payers
  • One of the proudest achievements is the golden medal won by two Bulgarian students with Down Syndrome in the Los Angeles Special Olympics. This showed Gabriel’s determination and excellent communication abilities as the two students did not speak English yet in only 2 months they were taught everything they needed to learn with the use of signs
  • In 2002 Gabriel got the “Best Golf player of the year in Romania” having, still, the status of amateur
  • His talent took him abroad, 75 PGA tournaments throughout Europe, United states and even Africa, getting the nickname “Tiger Wood of Romania” getting the status of Professional Player in 2007
  • In 2008, he won 4 National tournaments in the professional category (Alba Golf Challenge, Transavia Golf Cup, Ellis Golf Cup, Elite Golf Cup) and 4th place in Austria at the World Golf Teacher Federation Cup
  • 2009 Gabriel won 1st place at BMW Szezomyito Golf Cup- in Hungary and in 2010 at the Pro-Am – World Golf Teachers Federation Cup in Vilamoura, Portugal
  • Together with his team, won 3rd place at the Pro-Am BlackSeaRama Tournament
  • Professional Achievements Dutch Golf Teacher Federation, Member BGA, Member Gecko Tour, Club Fitting, IPE Certificate PGAs of Europe
  • Due to his travels and experience, Gabriel taught and continues to teach players from around the world